Backpacking Switzerland, Most Expensive Country?

backpacking-switzerland-most-expensive-country-originalWhen most people think of Switzerland they immediately go in to how expensive it is to travel there and will tell you all about it… usually right before you’re about to go there anyways. But is that necessarily true? Only for the regular tourist types staying at hotels and dining out, also this reputation comes mostly from the big cities like Zurich. It depends on whether travelers in Switzerland (more…)

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How To Backpack Through Europe, Fun Travels Ahead!

Europe is the ultimate destination for people looking to do some independent travel. You’ve come to the right place for what’ll you’ll need for how to backpack through Europe. It caters to backpackers with it’s extensive rail system that will take you to almost every country, hostels in nearly every city and town, so much cultural richness and diverse scenery to experience you‘ll have an adventure (more…)

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Best Travel Gear and Gifts For Travel (Time, Space & Weight Savers)

Here’s a list of the best travel gear to buy for the road. They’re smart to bring along and will prove practical and useful in many situations. Any of these items would make a gift for travel especially for someone is planning an upcoming trip.

Buy Compression Bags For Your Clothing
These bags will allow you to tightly pack your clothes in your travel backpack or suitcase. They have a one way valve (more…)

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Europe Packing Checklist

You might not want to bring everything on this list, or you might want to bring more. But this gives a good idea of the essentials of what to pack for Europe. Decide what you really need, if you can get away without it you’ll probably be glad you didn’t bring it. Be sure to investigate the list of ultralight travel gear you don’t want to be without, it can save you space and weight in your bag.

I (more…)

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia is a fairly small country but it is completely worth the extra money to take a plane into Dubrovnik. On my way in, I took an 8 hour overnight sleeper car from Zagreb to Split, then a 5 hour bus, as there are no trains directly into Dubrovnik. The reservation for the sleeper car was only 22€ with my Euro rail pass and was complete luxury, including coffee and a scone in the morning. On my way (more…)

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Nice, France

The only reason I went to Nice instead of staying in Menton is because there was absolutely, positively, not a single locker in Menton where they would let me lock up my passport and credit cards so I could go swimming. That being said Nice is a very beautiful place and a big city.

Nice France

Nice is supperrrr expensive: a Mc chicken is 6€. The HI hostel was big and I didn’t stay very long. I did, however (more…)

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Venice, Italy

Venice had a strange effect on me. I’m usually not into shopping for souvenirs but I became completely and utterly obsessed with finding the perfect Venetian theatre mask. Upon walking into the city you are bombarded with tourist shops selling an assortment of gifts and crafts including theatre masks (the ballroom kind), joker masks, capes, fans and Morano glass products. There is so much detail put (more…)

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London, England


I just spent my first week in England. The flight was not as bad as I thought it would be. The person in the seat next to me was a no-show so I had two seats to sleep on for the 9 hour trans-Atlantic flight from Edmonton to London. What a good start to a 75 day trip!

Accommodation is much cheaper when you book online. One hotel told my grandfather and I the cheapest room was

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Bled, Slovenia

Bled was just about one of the most entertaining little places I visited along my trip so far, mostly because of the Jahela backpacker hostel I decided to stay at. It was only 15€ a night including breakfast and pick-up/drop-off at the train station. I though “Wow, either this is an amazing deal or this is some kind of hole in the ground that I’m going to really regret…” I noticed that it got good (more…)

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Villach, Austria

When you are travelling, there are some places you go to party, there are some places you go to sit on the beach, there are some places you go to see the museums and art galleries, and then there are the places you go to get great service and to relax and recover to be able to keep going for the months ahead. Villach is the perfect spot to recover from way too much country hopping.

I came here by (more…)

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