Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is a very quiet place that can only be accessed by car or by taking a combination of a train and boat (2€) to the town. Be careful on the trains getting there. I had to make three train changes to get there and because most people only spoke German it was difficult to check if I was at the right stop.

houses Hallstatt Austria

It is very easy to find accommodation although things seem to book up fairly quickly. I stayed in a private room, with a private bathroom, overlooking the lake for 20€ a night including a nice breakfast of tea/coffee and sliced meats and cheese at Haus Sleeblicke. The home owner was very friendly and eager to help me find interesting things to do in Hallstatt.

The hostel didn’t look great and closed during the day so I decided to skip it.

The weather is wet and foggy in the evening but it seems to clear up during the afternoon. The salt mine is the big attraction and you can take a little gondola cart up to the top. One thing to note is that there is active mining in the area, and at least during my stay there was a lot of blasting, which may or may not freak out the unknowing tourist. When you hear the rocks falling after the blast it sounds like the mountain is going to collapse. That’s about when you run and hide under your bed.

The people in Hallstatt have a sense of humor as can be seen by this nice dinner table on the lake. Note the rubber boots. It is one of several floating exhibits on the lake.

Image of boots on lake. Hallstatt Austria

It is also worth noting that there is a very beautiful waterfall that can be hiked to within 40 minutes of the town center.

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