Villach, Austria

When you are travelling, there are some places you go to party, there are some places you go to sit on the beach, there are some places you go to see the museums and art galleries, and then there are the places you go to get great service and to relax and recover to be able to keep going for the months ahead. Villach is the perfect spot to recover from way too much country hopping.

I came here by chance and stayed at the Hostelling International Villach hostel. I couldn’t believe the deal I got for 19€ a night! First, although I stayed in a dorm room, the staff is so nice and polite they try to space out the guests and will give you a private dorm room if they possible can. It was so spacious: I got my own room with a private bathroom for the 4 nights I stayed there. A hearty Austrian breakfast of a selection of deli meats, cheese, bread, natural yogurt, muesli and hot drinks is included in the price. It is located beside a park in a quiet part of Villach and is quick bus ride from the train station.

I was so worn out by the previous month’s travel that I just crashed and the hostel and soaked up the great service. That being said, it does seem like there are a lot of interesting things to do in Villach such as hiking in the mountains and a visiting the wildlife museum. Next time I visit I will take a look.

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