Nice, France

The only reason I went to Nice instead of staying in Menton is because there was absolutely, positively, not a single locker in Menton where they would let me lock up my passport and credit cards so I could go swimming. That being said Nice is a very beautiful place and a big city.

Nice France

Nice is supperrrr expensive: a Mc chicken is 6€. The HI hostel was big and I didn’t stay very long. I did, however go swimming because the hostel had very tiny, but very secure 24 hr lockers. I found out very quickly that the water at the beach in Nice was way too rough for me to enjoy swimming in as I got hit by a wave… you know, the kind that make those roaring sounds. So instead I took the amazing 1€ bus down past Monaco and found a nice little beach in a cove around Eze to go swim in. Swimming in the Mediterranean is one of the most fun things I’ve gotten to do on this trip so far. The water is so clear that you can look down to watch the fish and there are a ton of supervised beaches to help the swimmer feel safe. Feeling that salty is good for the soul. But bring a snack, swimming in the ocean makes me sooo hungry!

This is a picture of the beach at Nice. The water has more waves and is a milky blue. In the stiller water away from Nice it is a beautiful clear emerald color.

beach Nice France

July 14 is National France Day. In the evening when I was there the beach was jam packed with spectators and a lot of beautiful fireworks.

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