Best Travel Gear and Gifts For Travel (Time, Space & Weight Savers)

Here’s a list of the best travel gear to buy for the road. They’re smart to bring along and will prove practical and useful in many situations. Any of these items would make a gift for travel especially for someone is planning an upcoming trip.

Buy Compression Bags For Your Clothing
These bags will allow you to tightly pack your clothes in your travel backpack or suitcase. They have a one way valve that lets air out and not back in. Also, they’re clear so you can speed through air security.

Compact Microfiber Travel Towels
Regular towels don’t cut it for travel. They’re too big and take too long to dry off.
It’s better to buy these microfiber towels roll up much smaller than a regular towel and unroll to beach towel size. They are are ultra absorbent and can be squeeze dried. They won’t have the fluff of a regular towel but they’ll dry you off and be ready to put back in the suitcase super fast.

For backpacking sometimes I’ll even take an ultra-light Speedo towel instead. Those things can dry a person off after a swim or shower and weigh nothing in a bag.

An Ultra-light weight Unfolding Toiletries Case
You don’t want to waste extra weight on a heavy toiletries case, especially if you’re backpacking.The Lewis and Clark case weights only a pound and offers all the functionality you’ll need. It’s the lightest that you can unfold, hang up and have enough room for toiletries for a long trip. Definitely falls into the category of best travel gear.

A money belt for your leg.

Some people swear these are safer and more comfortable than the passport case for around the neck, or around the belt. It can get really annoying always having a money belt in the same spot around your waist for longer trips, the leg case gives you the option to switch where you carry your passport and gives a backup if the money belt breaks.

Money Belt For The Waist


Travel Backpacks
For the backpack itself we wouldn’t recommend you buy one online. Go to your local travel shop and try it on and make sure it’s comfortable first before you buy this vital piece of travel gear.

The best travel gear and gifts for travel can be bought cheap online and it’ll save a ton of time from driving to different stores to buy them. Plus they’ll be a big hit with the travel enthusiast.

Cool Travel Accessories Flashpacking The World In Style

First let’s define the term flashpacker for the meaning we’ll be using today

Definition: Flashpacker. The independent traveler who is visiting destinations once more commonly reserved for the more adventurous budget traveler; traveling with more affluence and enjoying the conveniences of their lifestyle usually reserved for being at home by bringing their gear including a laptop, camera, iPod etc.

Furthermore, lets include cool travel accessories and innovations that support the comfortable flashpacking way of travel. So some cool travel accessories and travel gift ideas you may not have though of that makes travel more comfortable and luxurious:

1. Polarized Sunglasses. These sunglasses allow you to see beneath the water’s surface and see fish and aquatic life. Plus they can be worn as sunglasses during the day even when not around water. If renting and driving a vehicle they help reduce glare. Good to have!

3. A water bottle with a filter, so you can still have purified water from the tap without having to buy bottled water everywhere. This is a cool travel accessory that will save you money. Don’t confuse these with the camping water bottles you add iodine to for untreated water, the chemicals often change the taste and it won’t be like filtered water.

4. A Waterproof Laptop Case. Who knows what could happen, your bag could fall in the Ocean or the canals of Venice. You’ll be the most prepared traveler out there with a waterproof laptop case. Other travel accessories that come in handy would be a waterproof camera case and waterproof passport case.

5. A lightweight laptop with appropriate charger and converter. The best laptop to bring while traveling is one which is light but large enough for ease of use. The Zenbooks are good for this but there are many other options. Do your research and find one that suits you.

Save time, space and weight by when you check out ergonomic travel gear and that are also great travel gift ideas for recent grads and travel enthusiasts.

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