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Villach, Austria

When you are travelling, there are some places you go to party, there are some places you go to sit on the beach, there are some places you go to see the museums and art galleries, and then there are the places you go to get great service and to relax and recover to be able to keep going for the months ahead. Villach is the perfect spot to recover from way too much country hopping.

I came here by (more…)

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Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is a very quiet place that can only be accessed by car or by taking a combination of a train and boat (2€) to the town. Be careful on the trains getting there. I had to make three train changes to get there and because most people only spoke German it was difficult to check if I was at the right stop.

houses Hallstatt Austria

It is very easy to find accommodation although things seem to book up fairly quickly. (more…)

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