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Backpacking Switzerland, Most Expensive Country?

backpacking-switzerland-most-expensive-country-originalWhen most people think of Switzerland they immediately go in to how expensive it is to travel there and will tell you all about it… usually right before you’re about to go there anyways. But is that necessarily true? Only for the regular tourist types staying at hotels and dining out, also this reputation comes mostly from the big cities like Zurich. It depends on whether travelers in Switzerland (more…)

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Gimmelwald Switzerland is one of those rare places that you stumble upon that just has everything. It’s hard to describe in words what is so special about it, but it seems to be the combination of one of the best views in Switzerland, the clean mountain air, the endless hiking opportunities, the cozy dining area in the Gimmelwald Mountain Hostel and the nicest people on the planet visiting it. Something (more…)

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