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This is the homepage from my old blog Backpacker World Travel which now has been moved to (all posts are now in the category “Other”).

Get the latest travel information and ideas from other backpackers and travelers who love to explore just as much as you do.

If you feel most alive when you’re on the road in a totally new place full of exciting people with a different way of living, (more…)

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World’s Friendliest Cities

Here’s a list of the world’s friendliest cities. If you live in one of these places… lucky!

By far the friendliest places we’ve been were anywhere in Austria, Switzerland and many places in Canada (such as Jasper, Banff and Victoria). Try and find someone who’s not nice to  you in these places. What a treat.

St. John’s, Newfoundland

Perth, Australia

Honolulu, Hawaii

Copenhagen, Denmark

Villach, (more…)

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5 Of The Best Travel Websites and Real Examples Of Deals From Each

These are the best travel websites and any backpacker or flexible traveler likely uses them all the time! Here’s some real life examples of travel gems from each.

1. This is a project set up for people to stay with others while they are traveling and to host other travelers while they are at home. It is mostly designed for the backpacker type of traveler, but we’ve seen all sorts (more…)

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Christmas Carol of the Bells – Maisie’s Magical Christmas House Light Display

The Christmas house just off 97st and 144ave in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  is called Maisie’s Magical Christmas House and is in honor of the home owner’s mother who created a light display every year for people to enjoy before her passing in 2007.

The family wanted people to be able to enjoy the Christmas Lights as her legacy. It’s free and visitors are encouraged to bring a a donation for the food (more…)

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Roadtrip Vancouver To Oregon Coast


Here’s some great places to visit and ideas for a roadtrip from Vancouver to the Oregon Coast.

1. Plan to leave Vancouver to cross into the States at a time when the border waits aren’t too long. So if you’re doing a trip for the long weekend… perhaps take the day off and leave in the morning before the after work rush. Going from Vancouver to the Oregon Coast is a popular (more…)

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Underwater Fish Cabos San Lucas, Mexico

Bountiful Schools Of Underwater Fish In Cabos San Lucas Mexico

These are schools of fish we saw when taking the yellow submarine tour in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico. They were awe-inspiring and so beautiful.

Underwater Fish Cabos San Lucas, Mexico

Underwater Fish Cabos San Lucas, Mexico

Watching the amazing schools of fish lying beneath the surface of the ocean make me realize how bountiful this planet really is. It kind of made me think (more…)

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Find Cheap Accommodation Hostels, Hotels and More

There are some great places to find cheap accommodation for backpackers and other budget travelers. If you are able to be a bit flexible with your accommodation or are ok waiting until closer to the date you’ll need your accommodation you can find absolutely amazing deals!

The reliable way to find cheap accommodation: Book Hostels
The perks
-you can make a reservation in advance online
-hostels are (more…)

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How To Write A Travel Blog

One of the greatest thing about traveling is there are so many new experiences to write about! Learning how to write a travel blog is a fun process. Everyday is an adventure and you’ll find yourself noticing everything ; the mundane will all of a sudden seem fresh and new. You’ll experience the taste of foods more, notice little details in things you wouldn’t and find yourself totally present way more (more…)

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Viewing Wildlife In Banff National Park

viewing-wildlife-in-banff-national-park-cropBanff National Park is a great place to do some wildlife watching. The best times to see wildlife are the early morning and evening when animals are out the most, however in Banff even during the day you’re sure to see plenty of wildlife to keep you entertained.

Some more commonly sighted wildlife in Banff include:

Elk and Deer

There is a large population of these large ungulates that can be seen (more…)

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Funny Parking, Car Backs Into Someone’s SUV, Hilarious!

I witnessed the funniest parking scene as I was sitting at Starbucks, in Washington, DC.

An older man was in his car, parked in front of a tough looking African American man in a beautiful, Brand New looking, red SUV. The older man started his car and began backing up to make space to pull out into traffic. He backed up into the red SUV and I could see the guy in the SUV wave his hand and say something (more…)

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