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How To Backpack Through Europe, Fun Travels Ahead!

Europe is the ultimate destination for people looking to do some independent travel. You’ve come to the right place for what’ll you’ll need for how to backpack through Europe. It caters to backpackers with it’s extensive rail system that will take you to almost every country, hostels in nearly every city and town, so much cultural richness and diverse scenery to experience you‘ll have an adventure (more…)

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Best Travel Gear and Gifts For Travel (Time, Space & Weight Savers)

Here’s a list of the best travel gear to buy for the road. They’re smart to bring along and will prove practical and useful in many situations. Any of these items would make a gift for travel especially for someone is planning an upcoming trip.

Buy Compression Bags For Your Clothing
These bags will allow you to tightly pack your clothes in your travel backpack or suitcase. They have a one way valve (more…)

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Europe Packing Checklist

You might not want to bring everything on this list, or you might want to bring more. But this gives a good idea of the essentials of what to pack for Europe. Decide what you really need, if you can get away without it you’ll probably be glad you didn’t bring it. Be sure to investigate the list of ultralight travel gear you don’t want to be without, it can save you space and weight in your bag.

I (more…)

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What Traveling With a Backpack vs a Suitcase, is Really Like

Choosing the Right Backpack… or a Suitcase

If you are thinking about going traveling and being on the road a lot (ie: not just staying at the same hotel the whole time) it’s probably worth it for you to read below what happened to me when I backpacked through Europe before you decide to buy a backpack or suitcase. The suitcase and ultralight travel gear are the two most important things to get (more…)

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Plan an Affordable Trip to Europe

Smart Backpacking on a Budget


Here’s some smart ways to plan your trip. You can save money by getting clean but affordable accommodation, choosing the most economical railpass for your trip and packing just the right stuff so you don’t have to waste money on more expensive gear on the road.

If you want to be really cheap, and do things like sleeping in a park and stealing bread from the pigeon (more…)

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