Funny Parking, Car Backs Into Someone’s SUV, Hilarious!

I witnessed the funniest parking scene as I was sitting at Starbucks, in Washington, DC.

An older man was in his car, parked in front of a tough looking African American man in a beautiful, Brand New looking, red SUV. The older man started his car and began backing up to make space to pull out into traffic. He backed up into the red SUV and I could see the guy in the SUV wave his hand and say something along the lines of “What the heck, Man!”, although I’d imagine it was a smidgen worse than that as his red SUV got bumped by the car, and rocked back and forth.

The older gentleman in the car did not notice. I was expecting the black guy to get out and start yelling at the man who just dinged him… but apparently he either was REALLY LAID BACK or didn’t have time. The older gentleman pulled forward looking to see if there was a clearing in the traffic, completely oblivious to hitting the other guy’s vehicle.

He started backing up again as he didn’t have enough space to pull out. The black fellow turned his attention to the reversing navy car that had just bumped him, the car kept going and I thought “it’s going to run into him again!”

The guy in the SUV, learning rather quickly, started his engine, put the SUV in reverse and very quickly moved backward as the navy car was within an inch of bumping him again. The navy car then overshot where the front bumper of the RED SUV was before coming to an abrupt stop as if he needed to stop or he would run into the vehicle behind him. Then completely oblivious to ALL OF THIS he pulled into traffic and left. The black man shock his head and got back to whatever he was doing.


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