Find Cheap Accommodation Hostels, Hotels and More

There are some great places to find cheap accommodation for backpackers and other budget travelers. If you are able to be a bit flexible with your accommodation or are ok waiting until closer to the date you’ll need your accommodation you can find absolutely amazing deals!

The reliable way to find cheap accommodation: Book Hostels
The perks
-you can make a reservation in advance online
-hostels are common worldwide
-these social places allow you to meet fellow travelers
-you can read reviews from other travelers who’ve been to the hostel with online hostel booking

The potential minuses
-it’s not as private as a hotel room, you share a dorm with other travels
-hostel standards can vary widely (some may be run down, whereas others may be nicer than hotels)

Similarly you can search and book cheap hotels. Cheap hotels can be a little harder to find than hostels but including these in your search can provide more flexibility.

B id On A Nice Hotel Room and Get It For A Hostel Price
If you are flexible with finding a hotel room (and maybe have a backup plan to stay at the local hostel) You can get amazing hotel rooms last minute for hostel prices by bidding on hotel rooms. Multiple times we’ve paid $35/night for a room at Marriott Hotels (2* or 3*) with two beds, a kitchen, air conditioning and access to an indoor swimming pool in the United States. It was total luxury. We got it because we bid a couple days in advance when staying at the hostel and the hotels accepted my offer.
Bidding On Hotel Rooms
The perks
-you can get absolutely amazing deals for super low prices
-your own private room

The potential minuses
-sometimes get better deals if you wait until last-minute (although not always, give the bidding a try and see what you can get)
-usually non-refundable once your bid is accepted

Become a part of the Travel Community and Surf/Host With Fellow Travelers
If you travel regularly and backpacking is a big part of your life consider joining a community of like-minded travelers where you can stay as a guest in local’s homes. You can also host travelers in your own home when they visit your area. CouchSurfing is a great way to find cheap accommodation. The best part about couchsurfing is that you’ll make friends for life and really experience the local perspective.
The perks
-make friends
-visit with locals or foreigners (depending upon whether you’re a host or a surfer)
-stay for free
The potential minuses
-if you don’t plan and ask in advance it can be hard to find hosts last-minute
-you may sleep on a couch (some people don’t mind this, if you do try the above options)

With these ideas you can find cheap accommodation almost anywhere in the world.