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This is the homepage from my old blog Backpacker World Travel which now has been moved to (all posts are now in the category “Other”).

Get the latest travel information and ideas from other backpackers and travelers who love to explore just as much as you do.

If you feel most alive when you’re on the road in a totally new place full of exciting people with a different way of living, outdoor activities and unknowns to discover you‘ve found the right place. If you would rather do travel solo or go independent of a tour group so you can meet the locals, learn about yourself and invite the spontaneous adventures the next days will bring…

You’ve found the right place and I’m glad to have you. Welcome!

Places To Stay
Get informed on accommodation for the independent traveler from hostels, hotels, camping, sleeping on a train for overnight trips, renting a bed in a dorm tent, to being hosted and staying with locals.

Best Countries And Places To Visit
Where you really want to go… these are the funnest, most awe-inspiring places to go. Not always the typical big cities but those hidden away treasures that may be off the beaten path and only the locals know about.

How To Get There

Flight, trains, planes, biking…. Tips and tricks to get good deals.

Get The Most Useful Travel Gear
Lookup travel specific checklists (including one for Europe, one for camping north America etc.). There are some great supplies and gadgets that will come in very handy on the road including backpacks, luggage, lightweight knapsacks, toiletries, cameras, electrical adapters, vacuum packers, water filters and other great innovative to make you’re travels more comfortable and empower you so you‘re prepared for whatever happens.

Travel Stories and Experiences With The Travel Community
Blog entries, photos and some of the best tales from other travelers that will make you feel like you’re backpacking the world as you read them!!  Share you’re advice and give everyone on the web a piece of that TRAVEL JOY by telling us the funnest thing that’s happened to you from you’re adventures!

Plus much more…….

The world is here to be experienced!  When will you’re next adventure be?